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Posters guidelines

Posters can be presented in Italian or English.

Posters will remain exposed throughout all the day in the hallways near the rooms used for oral presentations. A number will be assigned to each poster, corresponding to  a position on the display rack.

During the event, time will be dedicated only to the poster presentation: poster session. PhD students are encouraged to stay close to their poster and to present their work to visitors and to answer their questions.

Technical informations:

Posters should be A0 portrait orientation with (A0: width 84.1cm x height 118.9cm).


Oral presentation guidelines

Oral presentations may be in English or Italian. You choose.

Feel free to submit whatever you want, inherent to your research. You can present your main findings or just a specific aspect of your work.

Prepare a talkof about 10 – 15 minutes, appropiate for the audience present at the event: the audience will be competent in science but not necessarily in your field. So make sure that the talk is as understandable as possible for everyone, interesting and not too technical!


Technical Informations

Speakers are asked to be to the room at least 20 minutes before the start of their session in order to copy their presentation on the computer before the talk begins.

Speakers will have a projector (or, if you want, the glamorous old and dusty overhead projector). In the room there will be a PC with a Windows operating system (sob!) installed with a copy of PowerPoint 2007 and OpenOffice Impress 3.

Slides in pdf format are welcome.

Presentations can be copied to the PC by a USB memory. The size of the presentations should not exceed 60 MB. Animations and video clips should work with Powerpoint or OpenOffice Impress and require no additional software (eg Quicktime, RealPlayer, etc. Will not be available on the machines used for projection). If it was necessary to use other software please contact the webmaster. We advise you to carefully consider whether the use of animations and videos is strictly necessary for your presentation,  often do not work on machines other than those where they were prepared. Problems in the projection could be fatal for a so short presentation.

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